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Inspiring you to embark on the journey towards zero waste polluting the environment

Making Waste a valuable Resource

One of the areas of our environment where we have a very visible impact is waste. Technically, waste is not a problem. In fact every process, organism, animal, person creates waste. In nature, one organism or process's waste always become another's resource. Either food, shelter or energy. When waste do not have an up-cycle or recycle purpose, it becomes pollution. And that is where the challenge lies. We need to reduce our pollution to zero. Less bad is not good and less pollution is better but still not good. We design and tailor make our #z6r0waste program around a circular economy and innovate and create ways with your team to reduce your waste and in effect your pollution to zero.

become a change champion

Become an inspiring business, household or individual with our Z6RO Waste program.
The program is designed to inform you of the amount of waste you are producing and the portion that will go to a landfill. Your commitment is to reduce that portion. It all starts with you but it is the commitment made by every person or household or business that is part of the #z6rowaste Tribe, the ChangeCreators, ChangeChampions and ChangeCenters, that will make a local and global positive impact.

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Our #z6r0waste Projects

The Datei Langkawi
Part of the rebranding of the hotel includes major sustainability initiatives and every aspect of the operation was put under the sustainability microscope …
The zerowaste center we build for Alila ubud
ALILA HOTELS & RESORTS BALI - Sustainability Advisor
We advised on the Zero Waste programs in the four Alila Hotels in Bali. Each hotel has a waste materials …
#z6r0waste program for Selong Selo
SELONG SELO LOMBOK - Sustainability Advisor

The luxury Selong Selo development has hillside villas, some  completed and some still under construction. A waste materials recovery center was built just off the …

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In our assessments programm we start to measure your impact on the environment.

The permaculture garden at The datai langkaw


We design composting systems, vegetable gardens and food forests to suit your premises based on three principles.