Piet van Zyl

Is the Pioneer of Positive Impact Forever and an experienced hotel sustainability professional since 1993. He focusses on environmental impact and applies a wholistic “blue” or circular economy approach inspired by nature and physics. He pays close attention to the waste stream, not only from solid waste but also from an energy and water perspective and brings together all the relevant data to come up with uncomplicated state of the art solutions that will last for a long time.

Piet is a Civil Engineer with a BSc degree in Civil Engineering and a Masters Degree in Project Management. He started his hotel career in 1993 as General manager and Resort Project Manager for Namale Fiji Islands Resort (owned by Tony Robbins the US motivational speaker and coach) He developed this resort from a 2 star to a 5 star resort over a 6 year period.

He was also the area maintenance manager for Soneva Resorts based on Soneva Fushi Maldives where he worked on improving their Eco Centro or waste management area, as well as installing a pilot 75kW solar PV system.

Piet van Zyl - Pioneer of Positive Impact Forever

As Group Director of Engineering and Sustainability for Alila Hotels and Resorts where he initiated a Zero Waste Project in 2016 for the 4 Alila properties in Bali. From the beginning of 2018 and until the end of 2019 he is the sustainability consultant for The Datai, Langkawi Malaysia where a waste water system, a drinking water bottling plant, a permaculture garden, and a zero waste to landfill program has been implemented as part of their reopening program after an extensive modelling of this ultra luxury hotel. He also developed and executed hotel audits in Maintenance, Safety and Environment across all the group’s hotels.

Our Values

positive impact forever - our value - ahimsa


We strive to do no intentional harm to ourselves, those around us, and to the environment.

positive impact forever - our value - dharma


We aim to do the right thing for the long run in all circumstances.

positive impact forever - our value - karma


We cannot have a positive impact if our efforts do not benefit nature and our people.

The mission to inspire others

Piet has been a speaker at the Green School in Bali on zero waste, Role Foundation in Bali on Zero waste to oceans, DAS sustainability conference Johannesburg South Africa of sustainable urban and hotel design and at the EarthCheck inner Circle conference in Cancun Mexico on Delivering targets – beyond core indicators, and at the World Tourism Destination Forum 2018 on Managing Sustainable Destinations. Most Valued Business Sustainable Tourism Seminar 2019 on Input Assessments, 2019 UNINGO in Taiwan – International forum on Ocean Sustainability.

He was a guest lecturer at the National University of Singapore’s Masters class for Sustainable Design.

Talks and speaker events

A Waste Paradigm Shift

EarthCheck Inner Circle meeting Seminyak Bali

Zero Waste Hero

Trash Heros Bali



What a Waste

Greenschool Bali

Delivering Targets – Beyond Core Indicators

EarthCheck Inner Circle meeting Cancun Mexico

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The Positive Impact Forever team

Positive Impact Forever Team Ayu Trisna



Ayu has build her experience on client consulting, database management and market research. Additionally, she has practical experience working on various industries in Bali focusing on organic farming as well as being active in several non profit organisations operating in Bali area.

Each of these experiences has allowed her to become a self-driven and results-oriented worker that exercises insight and forward thinking for future organisational business plans and partnerships.


Positive Impact Forever Partner Mark Garrett



Permaculture design consultant Mark Garrett is passionate about living harmoniously with nature. By observing nature and understanding how it operates, he creates low carbon, green systems where energy is conserved by removing the need for fossil fuel, waste is turned into a useful resource, water is saved and re-used, vital minerals and nutrients in the soil are naturally regenerated and pests are controlled without using harmful chemicals resulting in sustainable organic food production.

Mark has worked locally in Bali with Alila, Green School, Green Camp, Bambu Indah, Room for Desert, Capella, and world wide for Six Senses, Soneva Resorts, Richard Branson’s Necker Island, Mustique Island, and various private clients.


Positive Impact Forever Partner Justin Robertshaw



Justin is passionate about helping others connect and flow with their unique Nature and design more sustainable ways to live, from inside to out. As a qualified Permaculture Design Consultant, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, & RYT 500 Yoga teacher, he provides solutions to both private & corporate clients that address their unique needs & requirements, integrating Permaculture and Ayurveda in simple, high-impact ways.

Justin is working with clients in many different formats around the world, including eco hotels & resorts, retreat centres, yoga teachers and students, as well as anyone who’s inspired to live a life in more natural harmony and sustainability. He lives and advocates the benefits of applying Ayurveda, Yoga & Permaculture, especially when woven together. Through his work, he’s driven to help empower others to better understand themselves and their unique environment, so they can more deeply connect and be in harmony with who they are and the world around them.

Our Services

Sustainability is a journey and not an outcome. The first step in the journey is to do an environmental assessment and then to coach your team along this road.
Zero Waste Project - The Lab

Today, waste is one of our very visible problems. The journey to zero waste starts with awareness and quantifying your waste stream.


A permaculture-designed garden is based on three simple ethical standards and includes food production and composting based on your available space.


Positive Impact Forever

Our programs are based on a circular, blue economy and are tailor made to improve your environmental impact today for a better tomorrow.

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