Growing Soil

The foundation of a permaculture garden is healthy soil. Permaculture systems are designed to be interactive as in nature, creating no waste and using the available resources.

Permaculture universal ethics are threefold.

  • Care for the land
  • Care for the people
  • Fair share

We design vegetable gardens to suit the space available, food forests, and soil building programs like composting and worm farms to produce chemical fertilizer and pesticide-free produce. The garden is an integral part of the waste management system and will not only take care of all your organic waste but also reduce water consumption through the use of rainwater and wastewater.

Our Permaculture Designed Garden Projects

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Sustainability is a journey and not an outcome. The first step in the journey is to do an environmental assessment and then to coach your team along this road.
Zero Waste Project - The Lab

Today, waste is one of our very visible problems. The journey to zero waste starts with awareness and quantifying your waste stream.


Positive Impact Forever

Our programs are based on a circular, blue economy and are tailor made to improve your environmental impact today for a better tomorrow.

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