Nihi Sumba is a luxury resort on the beach on the island of Sumba Indonesia. Nihi Sumba has a long history of recognition and awards in sustainable tourism and takes pride in continuing and improving on this and we are evaluating all the sustainability initiatives and future possibilities as well as assisting the staff in the implementation of the improvements. Water is a scarce and expensive commodity at Nihi Sumba and this was the first area we put under the microscope to find ways to reduce the freshwater demand.

The other areas we are concentrating on are energy, waste, and maintenance. Energy and waste minimization initiatives will be implemented and a waste upcycling laboratory is planned. We are collaborating with a permaculture designer for the implementation of a vegetable garden, food forest, nurseries, and an organic matter processing facility connected to the treated wastewater plant for the recycling of wastewater to the gardens.


Our client Nihi Sumba resort
Nihi Sumbar is one of our clients

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